The project Saġġar, aiming to rejuvenate the Maltese environment by planting one million trees, has launched its own website to reach more people locally and across the globe.

Saġġar is the brainchild of the QLZH Foundation, managed by the team at QuickLets and Zanzi Homes. In collaboration with ACT. Environment, who provide their ecological expertise to ensure that the project is rolled out sustainably, the QLZH Foundation embarked on this mission to make Malta greener by one million trees last year. is a multifaceted website intended to educate the public not only about the project itself but eventually about the Maltese flora in general. “We expected people to be sceptical about such a huge plan for Malta, and we understand that. Because of that, we felt the need to share our detailed plans with anyone who would like to learn more about Saġġar”, says Steve Mercieca from the QLZH Foundation.

The website gives information about the two main campaigns of the project, namely Saġġar and Kattar, as well as a detailed FAQ page that covers the most common queries the team at Saġġar were faced with since its launch.

It also explains how nature lovers out there can be part of this initiative. “We always wanted Saġġar to be a project that people are proud to be part of. We will be launching a number of social cohesive initiatives over the coming years for people to be involved with,” Mr Mercieca adds.

One way on how people can get involved with Saġġar is by adopting a Saġġar kit, which will eventually be distributed to help sow and grow the one million trees from seed stage. The Saġġar kits are in essence a recycled milk carton, filled with soil which will serve as makeshift pots.

For such a nationwide project to be a real success, the team at the QLZH Foundation and ACT. Environment are meeting a number of private entities to provide their support – which may vary from funding to provision of supplies. Together with this, a number of government and public entities have shown interest in Saġġar.

“We need all the support we can get. Saġġar aims to create a strong network of partners who believe that the planet we live in deserves to be taken care of. We aim to create a social and environment consciousness while bringing private, public, NGOs and governmental organisations together,” Mr Mercieca says.

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