A video capturing two drivers caught in a punch-up close to the Santa Venera tunnels is being widely shared online.

This latest road rage incident took place on Wednesday afternoon, as tempers flared at the end of a day marked by frustration from the ongoing heat wave and power cuts.

The video shows the two men throwing punches at one another in between their stopped cars as onlookers wait patiently behind them.

At one point, one of the men is hurled over a steel crash barrier, landing squarely on his back. He quickly gets back to his feet and returns to the fight.

Onlookers captured the fight from the comfort of their cars.

A woman is seen trying to calm down one of the men and things momentarily appear to take a turn for the better, as one of the drivers is seen returning to his car, only to fish out what appears to be a plastic bottle and march towards his aggressor.

He changes his mind and gets back into his car, seemingly intent on ending the fight. His enraged rival is of a different mind, rushing towards the car and violently smashing its rear-view mirror, before returning to his own car, slamming its boot shut and driving off.

Police say a report on the incident has been filed and investigations are ongoing. One of the drivers suffered light injuries in the fight.

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