Year 11 Savio College students are currently exhibiting photos they took in Turin, Italy, at Palazzo Ferreria, in Valletta.

The exhibition, titled Turin Through the Lens – A Journey Through Colours, Shapes and Timeless Emotions, is the result of a three-year course which started in Year 9 and reached a climax last October, when students of applied photography visited the region of Piedmont with their teacher Christopher Azzopardi.

The techniques learned in class made it possible for the students to perfectly capture the scenarios, landscapes, architectural features and historical artefacts they encountered during their trip.

During the exhibition’s official opening last Monday, Fr Jeremy Vella, Sdb, head of school, said that thanks to these photos, the panoramas captured by the students will remain vivid in their memory and that their snaps of Egyptian mummies brought the ancient figures back to life. 

He said that students were awe-struck by the Alps and their surroundings and were fascinated by the grand palaces of the first capital city of Italy that reminded one of our noble identity as Europeans. He added that following five years at Savio College, the students also touched ground with the land of origin of John Bosco which has given birth to a vast movement of the Salesians who work worldwide with and for the young.

During the opening speech, Minister Clayton Bartolo recalled the fond memories as a student at Savio College and how he still treasures the holistic education he received from the Salesian community and educators. He praised the students for their talents and abilities and invited them to practising the art of photography.

The exhibition is open to the public from 9am to 7pm until January 31. Visitors are invited to leave a comment on the visitors’ book at the exhibition.

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