Keith Schembri's former lawyer Andrew Sciberras has joined a group of 360 socialist, left-wing and progressive individuals and organisations who sent a letter to all members of cabinet expressing outrage at the current situation in the country.

The signatories note that the business class has gained unprecedented power over politics, with resulting effects that were felt directly by the people. 

Contacted by Times of Malta, Dr Sciberras, son of former judge Philip Sciberras, said his principles were non-negotiable. 

The lawyer said he has renounced his brief for Keith Schembri after representing him in libel suits. 

In the letter, the individuals and organisations are demanding:

• that the Labour Party cleans up the mess left behind by members of the business class as a result of their improper relationship with members of this Government;

• the investigation and possible revocation of privatisations;

• institutions free from the shackles of partisan politics and from the influence of those wielding political or economic power; and

• an end to the law of the jungle where some of those who are privileged to be wealthy seem to consider themselves to be above the law. 

The signatories include workers, students, academics, artists, journalists, and include also Labour Party activists.

The names include environmentalist and academic Edward Mallia, Women’s Rights Foundation Chairperson Andrea Dibben, lawyer and environmentalist Claire Bonello, Foundation for Tomorrow's Schools head of communications Jonathan Brimmer and lawyer and Women's Rights Foundation director Lara Dimitrijevic.

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