The Contship Gin from Bejaia to Taranto, the As Freya from  Durres to Bejaia, the Burgundy from Rotterdam to Gebze, the CMA CGM Fort St Georges from El Dekheila to Algiers, the Marina from Sousse to Sousse, the Dionyssis A from Naples to Rades, the Contship Sun from Naples to Tripoli (all CMA CGM Malta Agency Ltd), the MV Eurocargo Palermo from Catania to Catania, the MV Eurocargo Malta from Genoa to Catania (both Sullivan Maritime Ltd) and the MV Caroline Russ from Genoa to Genoa (Gollcher Co. Ltd) today.

The Bomar Milione from Algeciras to Piraeus, the Corona J from Thessaloniki to Misurata, the Dina Trader from Marseille to Gebze, the Leyla Kalkavan from Aliaga to Bejaia (all CMA CGM Malta Agency Ltd) and the MSC Tina from Tekerdag to King Abdullah Port (John Ripard and Son Ltd) tomorrow.

The Andante from Misurata to Izmir, the CMA CGM Fort St Pierre from Algiers to Mersin, the Contship Ace from Bejaia to Taranto (all CMA CGM Malta Agency Ltd), the MSC Angela from Montreal to Naples, the MSC Roma from Colombo to Gioia Tauro (both John Ripard and Son Ltd), and the MV Elisabeth Russ from Genoa  to Genoa (Gollcher Co. Ltd) on Wednesday.

The Atlantic Monaco from Tripoli to Catania, the Tampa Trader from Gebze to Caratagena (both CMA CGM Malta Agency Ltd), the Costa Firenze from Catania to Catania (SMS Shipping Ltd) and the MV Eco Livorno from Catania to Catania (Sullivan Maritime Ltd) on Thursday.

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