As Shopify continues to establish itself as one of the most used e-commerce platforms in Malta by high-volume merchants, eCabs’ FastDrop has plugged the platform into its FastDrop app to make its merchant customers’ last mile deliveries even faster.

“Automation is crucial for merchants who want to save time and cost on administration of deliveries. With this new plug-in, we offer a simple way for local Shopify-enabled e-commerce platforms to deliver their orders where all they need to do is prepare the order for us to collect,” Ruslan Golomovzy, FastDrop’s business manager, explains.

FastDrop, which evolved from the eCabs Delivers service, was launched just before last summer and the response has been very strong among e-retailers who saw the opportunity of growing their business by not having to handle the delivery aspect of their business, while retaining healthy margins.

“The lengthy process of inputting bookings is a bottleneck for retailers, so our Shopify plugin automates and simplifies this process, unburdening the merchant from having to capture that information, as it pushes directly to the FastDrop platform.”

“Merchants saw the convenience of all this and since we launched FastDrop, we have been doubling the number of merchants on the platform every month, attracting many e-retailers, from small local businesses to international groups operating in Malta and delivering anything from clothing to electronics, to meal plans as well as servicing offices looking for courier deliveries,” Golomovzy adds.

The most attractive aspect of FastDrop is that it is a true next-day delivery service operating 24/7 365 days a year that offers both a ‘deliver now’ and a ‘deliver tomorrow’ option. While ‘deliver now’ delivers in 60 minutes or less from pick-up of the package, ‘deliver tomorrow’ guarantees delivery in 24 hours. This saves merchants time through automation, allowing them to grow their operation with less cost on processing of deliveries.

 eCabs is now revamping FastDrop’s core mechanism to optimise deliveries, introducing a labelling and scanning solution that will involve QR codes for better tracking of package status and automating rescheduling of deliveries and is planning to develop and deploy a similar plug-in for other platforms.

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