A pro-life support centre for women facing crisis in their pregnancy says it saved 30 babies from abortion last year by providing support and showing the expectant mothers giving birth was the best option.

Life Line Malta administrative officer Christie Zammit told Times of Malta this was the cornerstone of the NGO’s work among mothers going through a crisis pregnancy and who often found themselves alone, lost and not knowing what to do or where to turn to.

She explained that Life Line Malta crisis pregnancy support, a branch of the Life Network Foundation, opened its doors in 2018 and has been offering help by being there for the mother, the father and their families in any support they needed.

The NGO operates a crisis pregnancy support helpline – 2033 0023. There is also a 24/7 online chat on www.lifelinemalta.eu.

All calls received and chats are kept confidential and remain anonymous.

Our aim is to empower women during and after their pregnancy

Professional counsellors and skilled listeners are ready and available to help people facing a crisis pregnancy, a negative diagnosis or trying to find healing after an abortion.

“Since its inception, Life Line Malta has offered its support to over 100 families who, in some way or another, needed emotional help or material assistance.

In 2020, Life Line Malta had saved 30 babies whose mothers were considering abortion, which is the equivalent to two kindergarten classes,” Zammit explained.

In the years that Life Line Malta has been operating, it assisted mothers of different ages, background and cultures.

“Our aim is to empower women during and after their pregnancy, with the ultimate goal of helping them grow into becoming a better woman and mother,” Zammit added.

“A vital aspect of our support services is the counselling branch... through our dedicated counsellor who walks alongside and supports all the mothers, fathers and family throughout the pregnancy and after childbirth.

“Together with the team and the counsellor, we walk the whole journey with the entire family,” she said.

The NGO opened a shelter in Mosta, Dar Tgħanniqa t’Omm (Mother’s Embrace Home) in 2019, set up specifically for women experiencing crisis pregnancies and which offers shelter to mothers and their children for up to a year.

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