The draft of the proposed revisions to the Ta' Qali Action Plan (of 2000) fails to address the issue of noise pollution. In reply to my submission on the subject, MEPA stated that the centre should not constitute any significant noise nuisance to residents as it is not located close to residential areas.

It is interesting to note that the original Ta' Qali Action Plan (2000) states in section 3.10 that "(motor) race meetings are held normally on Sunday and because of the noise emission generates a serious environmental impact" on the residential property located immediately north of the Action Plan area. The area in question is very close to the proposed convention centre.

In addition, the activities to be carried out from this centre are not specifically defined. Will MEPA allow, for example, the centre (particularly the open air area) to serve as a venue for concerts, parties, etc? If not, will it be able to effectively stop the centre from being used for these purposes?

The issue of noise pollution is also directly linked to the increase in vehicular circulation. The consultation draft states in general terms that "provisions to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the road network and vehicular circulation are being made".

There is no mention of the suggestion made by MEPA itself in the Central Malta Action Plan (2002) (Sect 5.15) on the construction of a bypass to overcome the traffic problems in Attard, particularly those concentrated along Triq in-Nutar Zarb and Triq L-Imdina, as identified by MEPA itself. Vehicular traffic is set to increase in these streets, as well as in other streets in Mosta and Attard, particularly so should the convention centre also develop as a trade fair centre.

This is not to mention aesthetics relating to the view of the Mdina bastions, as well as the outright non-consideration of other areas in Malta for this proposed centre.

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