Tarxien mayor Paul Farrugia (The Sunday Times, November 16) insisted that Carmelo Penza Garden in Tarxien was still in the dark because the supply was disconnected by Enemalta. The mayor arrived at this conclusion erroneously; please allow me to state the facts for the benefit of the readers.

Last Monday a joint inspection by Enemalta personnel, the Tarxien council secretary and the council's contractor was carried out at the garden. A clear demarcation box exists to delineate exactly where Enemalta's responsibility stops and the local council's begins. The local council is responsible for maintaining the lighting installation after this demarcation box within the public garden, something which the mayor should have been aware of, as this system has been applied since 2002.

During the joint inspection it was discovered that supply up to the point of the demarcation box, which is Enemalta's responsibility, was operating correctly. It was also revealed that an internal connection within the installation falling under the local council's responsibility had been cut off.

The public has a right to know that despite his claims that the service provided by Enemalta used to take weeks, while that by his council takes only days, the mayor, instead of taking action to repair the fault, which falls under the council's responsibility, has left the garden in darkness. I hope that finally the mayor will decide to take the matter in his hands and solve this problem as soon as possible.

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