Japan's advanced technology has placed the country ahead of the world's gaming industry. It established one of the earliest gaming markets. Today, Japan boasts the third-largest markets worldwide, with China in the lead and the US coming second. The country's technological advancements have seen the development of giant gaming brands.

Undeniably, gaming holds a special place in Japan. It contributes to the culture, besides the country's economy. Therefore, the general population spends plenty of time on mobile and online games. Moreover, the average revenue per unit is as high as $177.

The Japanese gaming and gambling market

Online gambling and casinos emerged in Japan in the early 1990s. The first online casino went up in 1998. The gambling industry has grown exponentially, owing to the population's time and money investment in gaming. Today, gambling is one of the most popular online games.

The early online casinos were basic. Technology was in its baby stages, and internet speeds were low. The user experience would improve over time with the introduction of high-speed internet.

The mid-2000s turned things around. Working with the available infrastructure, game developers opened the country's platform to the international market. Quality control measures helped smooth the gambling experience and world participation.

The state of the Japanese gaming market

Japan's gaming market has thrived over the years. The introduction of mobile gaming upped participation. The advancement of fast speed browsing and 5G has made it even easier and more fun for the populace of at least 93 million mobile internet users.

Thanks to the development and improvements of smartphones, people of various ages can now join the fun. Smartphones have proven convenient and relatively cheaper. Their portability means that users can play wherever they are. Moreover, the availability of innumerable free mobile games has attracted more players.

Despite laws and regulations that inhibit aspects of gambling, online casinos have attracted a massive following and participation.

Japanese regulations and laws on gambling

Laws and regulations on gambling trace their roots in Japan to the early 1990s. Betting was allowed only on certain events, such as sports. Specifications narrowed down the sports betting to only horse riding, bicycle riding, and later, motorbiking and boat racing. They were the four 'public sports' that pari-mutuel betting was permitted.

Earlier forms of gambling, such as the lottery, trace their roots to the mid-17th century. It was discontinued in 1842 and revived after World War II. Toto is Japan's lottery hub and the only gambling company with a legal licence for its online platform. Even so, sports betting is limited to the four public sports or football pools.

The government discourages its people from foreign online bookmakers. However, since no legal framework prohibits it, many citizens take part. The expansivity opens doors to unlimited gambling deals and activities.

The country's government kicked off discussions on fully legalizing gambling. It would support the licensing of online casinos and American-style casinos. However, gambling in Japan has remained limited since the 2013 legislative strides.

MGA licensed casinos currently operating in Japan

Responsible gambling calls for checks on a casino's licensing. Japan has no gambling or casino regulatory body. Nevertheless, other jurisdictions have licensing bodies, which you may find legal, safe, and sufficient for reliance. Therefore, Japanese players may use casinos that hold the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) licence.

Global licensing bodies, such as MGA, come with stringent security measures and standards. Therefore, tech audits must be held by independent testing agencies. The tests are a necessary determination of no tampering in favor of the gambling company. IT security checks the degree of encryption technology in the interest of a gamer's safe connections.

Opportunity knocks for MGA casinos

Japan boasts one of the world's largest gaming markets with a genuine appetite for online casinos. According to expert in the region Hiroshi Minami of Casino Guide Japan: “There are many Japanese nationals who seek out safe and legal ways to gamble, it is a pastime that has been a part of the culture of the country for many years, centuries even.”

Japan’s population and technological advancements are among the contributing factors to the high participation; a large population of citizens uses smartphones, which adds convenience. Moreover, the evolution of high-speed internet and the introduction of 5G has turned things around and upped the number of gamers. The gaming experience at such speeds is also a major attraction.

However, the country does not support in-person gambling or casinos. The government discourages online gambling. Therefore, only the Toto company is legally permitted to host the country's online gambling. Nevertheless, since there is no legal framework against gambling, Japanese gamers have found other ways to indulge, connect, and have fun.

One of the safest ways is through an MGA licensed casino. A casino licensing is important to both the host company and its players. Therefore, for security, it would be best for Japanese gamblers only to join licensed casinos. Confirm the security checks, tech audits, among other necessaries.

Disclaimer: Play responsibly. Players must be over 18. For help visit https://www.gamcare.org.uk/.  

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