5G holds an agenda for total control. It is stated that when it is introduced in 2020, it can be used for “anything, anywhere, anytime in an unlimited manner”. I am all for digital progress but not at the expense of having an adverse impact on human and environmental health.

It is not my intention to go into the merits that 5G violates human rights and informed consent. My interest, as a family doctor and a representative of the people, is society’s well-being.

We live in a society whose quality of life and health is being drastically affected by air, water and land pollutants, which are man induced.

One such pollutant, which we do take for granted, is the accumulation of artificial electromagnetic fields that at times reach the thresholds of an electrosmog. It is an established fact that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) has increased by tenfold on the top of the background, natural EMR. 

I often ask myself: are we playing Russian roulette each time we use our cellular phone? For US Attorney Jimmy Gonzalez it definitely was the case.

He used to hold his cellular phone with his left hand on the left side of his ear and he developed a tumour in his left hand, a gliobastoma on the left side of his head and an aortic tumour because he held the cellular phone inside his jacket pocket.

Who knows, I may have developed prostate cancer early in life not only because I am genetically predisposed but because I used to hold my cellular phone in my trousers pocket or on my car seat very close to me while driving. Non-native EMR may have been the triggering factor. 

All living matter, every living cell in our body, has its own chemically induced electro-magnetic properties. We are all electromagnetic beings, our heart and our brains would not work without their own electromagnetic fields. Microwaves disrupt this field.

It is this additional exposure on to our systems that is a health hazard. The associated risk between neurodevelopment (for example, autism) or behavioural disorders (such as ADHD) in children and exposure to wireless devices has been scientifically established. The increased incidence of neurodegenerative disease, particularly Alzheimer’s, is also being attributed to this man-induced phenomenon. So are neuropsychiatric symptoms (such as insomnia, thought blocks, irritability, flat mood, lack of concentration).

Worrying too is the increased contamination of the human genetic pool by DNA mutations, especially affecting sperm, the increased incidence of infertility in high-tech populated states (Singapore has seen a 31 per cent drop in fertility) and increased incidence of spontaneous abortion. 

We are pushing a political agenda without any kind of impediments or questioning on the safety of 5G

The biological pathways to this ill-health are established. It is time that we are more inquisitive. Ill-health has multiple causes that interplay to cause chronic disease and our immune, hormone and metabolic systems and blood brain barrier can all be affected by non-native EMF.

The multi-trillion telecommunications industry will never state that EMR is not safe. It chooses to downplay or spin thousands of independent scientific studies and lobbies through revolving doors.

It hides behind a regulated market which is money-driven and whose health and safety standards are obsolete. 

Prolonged exposure, accumulative saturation, the proximity of cell phones to one’s body and antennas to residences, and the density of erratic pulses transmitted by artificial radiofrequency electromagnetic transmitters are determinants that collectively have serious biological and health effects.

I further presume that Malta’s population density offers a unique added disadvantage.

We are simply treating wireless radiation like we treated cigarette smoking 40 years ago. Should we continue to treat ourselves as guinea pigs? It is a proven fact that 3G is not safe to our health. It is described as a cancer risk.

5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) present a wake-up call. It is a beast masqueraded as a beauty, and we will have a monster once 6G and 7G are introduced. Reality as we know it today may easily be transformed, with the result of ‘I not remaining me’, but that is not the scope of this article. The military have already used 5G at high power in developing the Growler, a weapon designed for warfare and crowd control.  

How compatible is 5G and its infrastructure with a healthy lifestyle? 5G has the potential to alter our earth’s ecosystems.

Some scientists also predict that in three generations only one in eight neonates will be healthy. 

5G will definitely offer instant and faster interconnectivity and will give access to a range of unimaginable commodities.

Without assessing its true impact on our health and well-being we are heading into the unknown. 

5G is a microwave non-ionising radiation. In this new technology a very short high frequency wavelength is emitted at low power (intensity) but at extremely fast irregular pulses. It is the latter characteristic that causes biological damage at cellular level as it affects the calcium pump, thus making cells, tissues and organs unable to communicate effectively with one another. 

It is stated that 5G radiation does not penetrate the thickness of the skin as it has low photon energy and hence its effects are negligible. However, sweat glands are deep intra-dermal structures and through their ducts microwave radiation is transmitted deep down, disturbing cellular function by weakening their membranes. Once this gatekeeper is lost, all forms of toxins that we are exposed to are free to enter our body at micro level.

Most vulnerable are infants, children and young adolescents and most effected organs are those which are superficially situated, like the brain, heart and male genital organs. Most at risk is our eyesight, as our eyes have no means to neutralise their effect and ocular damage is irreversible. 

It is the added effect of 5G on 3G and 4G EMR which are a must for the effective function of 5G, and the widespread use of IoT that will synergistically augment environmental health hazards and hence increase morbidity and mortality. 

Once 5G is used for daily purposes, it is envisaged that humanity is bound to crash much quicker.

In the meantime, our government remains silent and worse still, hinders timely public consultation at the Parliamentary Committee for Health, so that by October, 5G will be launched. The fact that the Superintendent of Public Health has never issued precautionary warnings and direction on EMR devices, at least to safeguard the health of our children, is disgraceful. 

Unfortunately, we have a government whose vision is one that runs fast to adopt innovative measures without due caution.

We are at times racing in the wrong direction. We are pushing a political agenda without any kind of impediments or questioning on the safety of 5G.

Godfrey Farrugia is a doctor and a Democratic Party member of parliament.

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