An appeal by the CEO of Transport Malta for motorists to avoid commuting during peak hours when possible has been met with incredulity, with several asking whether he was suggesting clocking in late for work.

In a video uploaded to coincide with the reopening of schools, CEO Jonathan Borg called on commuters to cooperate with the agency’s officials, urging drivers to be more cautious and attentive during their morning commute.

“When possible, give priority to school transport, and use the roads later in the day,” he added.

Borg also said TM would be welcoming people's suggestions to alleviate traffic congestion.

He admitted that “in recent years we experienced a high level of traffic congestion and a higher-than-normal stress level”.

“TM is aware of this, and in no way will we run away from reality,” he added.

Borg's suggestion to avoid commuting during peak hours did not go down well.

Several social media users compared his ‘solution’ to that of Wasteserv CEO Richard Bilocca who last month suggested people store their organic bin bag in their freezer and take it out for collection to avoid bad odours.

"Can Mr Borg suggest a time for me to commute to work, so that I can then seek my employer’s opinion on whether I can clock in then," one asked.

"What about alternative modes of transport? Why isn’t it safe for children to cycle to school as it is in developed countries," another Facebook user asked.

"Does he think people are using the roads during peak hours for fun? People need to get to work at peak hours, that’s why it’s called peak hours."

Adrian Delia, the shadow minister for transport, said the situation was surreal.  He also had his say: “The Wasteserv chief told us to freeze waste, and now, the TM chief told us to go to work late. Huge incompetence”.

Meanwhile, others took up Borg's request for suggestions and provided their own solutions.

Some called for incentives for remote working and flexible hours, while others suggested increasing the frequency of bus trips between 6am and 9am.

Several asked what happened to proposals to ban commercial and delivery vans during peak hours.

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