The following are the top stories on the front pages of Malta's newspapers. 

Times of Malta says that the police are investigating two reports of fundraising abuse. It also reports how the heirs of a man killed in a traffic accident are challenging the formula used by the courts to calculate compensation. 

The Malta Independent reports on the prime minister's call for tougher court sentences. It also gives a round-up of traffic accidents in which several people were injured during the weekend. 

In-Nazzjon leads with the opposition leader's Sunday speech, where he said the PN in government would provide the peace of mind which is lacking under Labour.  The newspaper also reports on a deteriorating situation at Mater Dei Hospital, including a shortage of some medicines and damaged showers in a ward. 

L-orizzont says the prime minister on Sunday listed decisions taken last week by the government to improve the people's quality of life. It also reports that in 2022 the courts received 524 cases for divorce and an average of 44 marriages were ending every month. 

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