These are the leading stories in local newspapers this Sunday.

Times of Malta reports that the government is close to introducing a law banning cash transactions of more than €10,000, following external pressure as a result of its poor reputation for anti-money laundering enforcement.

The newspaper also reports that several families are at their wits’ end as new rules at Identity Malta are preventing some fathers from passing their residence status to their children.

Malta Today highlights the importance foreign workers played in financing local social security, reporting that they financed one-fourth of the pensions pot before COVID-19 struck.

The Malta Independent on Sunday focuses on Air Malta, writing that the national airline may undergo further staff cuts and has no plans to introduce long-haul routes or partnerships for now.

The newspaper also gives prominence to Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg saying that it would take eight to 10 years to complete the first line of a mass transportation system.

It-Torċa features a wraparound promoting a survey which shows Robert Abela has gained support. Its front page highlights the experience of a Maltese healthcare worker in the UK as well as the concerns of a person who has recovered from COVID-19 but fears having suffered permanent lung damage.

Il-Mument reports on an interview PN leader Bernard Grech had on Saturday in which he emphasised that the PN was turning a new page and that the country needs to start a fresh chapter in its history.

Illum highlights the legal uncertainty of tenants affected by pre-1995 laws, with many telling the paper that they do not know what the future holds for them after a series of court decisions which have gone landlords’ way.

Kullħadd writes that repayments are trickling in for more than half the loans which were granted a moratorium due to the COVID-19 induced economic slowdown, in a sign that “families and businesses are recovering”.

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