The president of Libya’s top advisory body arrived in Malta for talks with Foreign Affairs Minister on Wednesday.

Khaled Al-Mishri, who leads the High Council of the State of Libya, met with Evarist Bartolo to discuss the state of affairs in the north African country.

In a statement, the Foreign Affairs Ministry said the meeting was being held “in the spirit of UN Resolution 2510 that calls on neighbouring countries to support the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and national unity of Libya.”

 Al-Mishri has chaired the Libyan High Council of State since 2018. The council advises the United Nations-recognised Government of National Accord.

Bartolo emphasised the need for all parties to respect a ceasefire agremeent in place in Libya and to continue the process to develop resilient state institutions in the country that could protect citizens.

He added that any peace initiatives should be taken and led in the same direction as the United Nations’ and Berlin process, because any other initiative could cause more harm than good. The minister concluded that these were two essential elements for economic recovery and for the Libyan people to benefit from Libya’s vast wealth once again.

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