US President Donald Trump is openly considering an early withdraw of American troops from Syria, according to administration sources, a move that could put him at odds with the Pentagon's assessment of the conflict. 

"We'll be coming out of Syria, like, very soon," he said on Thursday. 

"Let the other people take care of it now."

Trump has been asking his staff openly about why the US should remain in Syria while Islamic State's presence is rapidly diminishing.

It's been estimated that IS has lost about 98 percent of their former territory in the region.

But an early exit is likely to put Trump at odds with the Pentagon, which has warned that the militants could recover ground quickly if the U.S. pulls out before the land is stabilized.

It could also conflict with his incoming and hawkish new national security adviser, John Bolton, after predecessor H.R. McMaster was recently shown the door.

Administration officials say the White House has already ordered a halt to $200 million in funds slated for recovery efforts in Syria.

On Friday,two NATO soldiers, one American and one British, were killed by an improvised explosive device there according to Reuters sources and the UK government.

The US has about 2,000 troops in the country.

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