Following last year’s articles on how to make your house a home and design the ideal kitchenliving room and bathroom, interior designers Architect Paul Cuschieri and Malcolm Abela Sciberras from Rebirth Design Studio share why your bedroom’s design is worth revisiting.

The bedroom is where we start and end our day. In fact, we spend half our lives in the bedroom, but are we getting the most out of the space? While the room’s intimacy means its design is very personal and subjective, at Rebirth, we believe a few basic necessities underpin every great bedroom.

Optimise your bedroom’s space

Your bed’s size and the accompanying furniture depend on your room’s proportions. The key is to prioritise the ability to move around the room, so leave enough space on both sides of the bed to enhance functionality and avoid the area becoming too tight. And remember, no matter the size of the room, comfortable bedding and a decent mattress are a must.

Crucially, great storage boosts functionality and atmosphere. Not only does visible clutter affect a room’s aesthetics, but it also profoundly impacts psychological well-being.

Luckily, several storage solutions are available to suit various needs. We recommend maximising wardrobe space, as well as other forms of closed storage, to bring order to the clutter behind closed doors. Save open storage for featuring items that bring you joy.

Harness the power of colour and lighting

Two highly underrated design elements in the bedroom are colour and lighting. Choosing certain colours over others has a surprising effect on our mood. Some colours, such as bright red, can encourage hyperactivity and nerves, whereas a subtle, warm and inviting colour palette fosters relaxation. So, although bedroom design highly depends on the individual, we advise leaning towards more neutral, cosy hues.

A welcoming and contemporary bedroom in Valletta.A welcoming and contemporary bedroom in Valletta.

Darker colours and certain materials, such as velvet, will make the room feel too warm during summer. Opting for fresh, light colours and layering with suitable fabrics will generate a warm, inviting atmosphere while keeping the room feeling cool during the hotter months. Remember: the bones of your room should work year-round, leaving you free to switch up accessories depending on the season.

Lighting can also transform a bedroom’s ambience. At Rebirth, we generally prefer bedrooms to feature warm lighting. Colder, white light should be reserved for spots that require concentration. Nevertheless, the lighting in a bedroom should be functional, so make sure you can control it from your bed. It would also help if you had lighting that you could control individually to avoid disturbing your partner while they sleep.

You can add various stylistic elements to showcase your personality

Let your personality shine

Your bedroom is your own personal space, and its design should reflect that. There is no need to fret over aligning its design with the rest of the house. This is your bedroom, and while we don’t suggest totally disregarding ‘the rules’, you have free rein over your bedroom’s style and décor, and are allowed to bend them a little to suit your tastes. When personalising your bedroom, you can add various stylistic elements to showcase your personality. Capture the attention of those entering the room by using textiles, curtains, layered rugs and an attractive, comfortable bed frame that acts as a centrepiece.

Artwork is also a great way to show your individuality, but if it is not your thing, consider wallpaper for a pop of colour. Permitted there is enough natural lighting, we recommend adding plants to the room too.

Incorporating design elements such as these will work wonders to bring comfort to the space while ensuring the room does not feel cold with too much blank space around you.

Learn from our experience

For one of our projects in St Julian’s, we chose a selection of orange wood panelling for a unique and vintage bedroom design. By combining three different woods, we maintained the room’s minimalism while creating a sense of warmth. The light bedding then introduced a touch of freshness.

Another of our favourite bedrooms was in a property in Valletta. There, we showcased panelled wall lining with taupe curtains.

Hues of red and green were used in the space’s accessories and pillows, transforming the formerly cold interior into a warm, inviting space. We also used soft and feminine pink tones in our textiles to contrast against the more masculine exposed beams. By doing so, we created a sense of balance in the space, which, along with the wood panelling, makes the style perfect for all seasons. 

Invest in the space to invest in yourself

Designing your bedroom is more than an exercise in style. It is a long-term investment in yourself. Since your bedroom is where you recharge, making it a space where you feel comfortable will help you switch off and unwind from the day’s chaos. You will sleep better and elevate your overall well-being.

Planning your bedroom’s design goes beyond aesthetics because it directly impacts your day-to-day life. However, the room’s aesthetics are also crucial because that is how you’ll make the space speak your language.

There is no doubt about it: bedrooms are highly personal. We understand that a bedroom design for one client will not work for the next. However, by getting the room’s functional basics right, we know that then it is time to play. Enjoy the adventure of exploring different styles and designs so you feel represented, comfortable and prepared for the day.

For more information, visit The next article will focus on children’s, teenagers’ and guest bedrooms.

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