WasteServ will this year succeed in producing a record 20,000 tonnes of recyclable waste, helping lift Malta up the rankings among EU states, the company said.

It said in a statement the amount will surpass the previous record set for recyclable output, which topped 19,000 tonnes of exported material in 2021, and again in 2022.

A WasteServ spokesperson said: “This is exceptional news for Malta, especially when adding the outputs of other operators, such as the Beverage Container Refund Scheme, which will further increase Malta’s recycling percentages.

"All this will effectively contribute to Malta’s improved standing in the EU scoresheets as the ECOHIVE strategy starts bearing its first fruits."

The situation for organic waste generation is equally positive with an increase of 35% over the preceding 12 months. 

Organic waste is processed within the ECOHIVE complex and converted into energy - the amounts generated are sufficient to power over 500 households.

Of a more significant nature is the reduction registered in black bag figures, with 2023 being the lowest on record since WasteServ’s inception over 20 years ago. 

In the first 11 months of the year, WasteServ facilities witnessed a 23% reduction - 26,000 tonnes - of household waste dumped less in black bags.

WasteServ said that key to these achievements is the incessant effort being made by the public coupled with the commissioning of two new key facilities by WasteServ: one processing grey bag waste with increased efficiency, and the other dealing with wood, mattresses, and other bulky items. 

The new waste management schedule, the introduction of new gate fees encouraging waste separation, and the introduction of mandatory separation were also crucial to these successful results. 

WasteServ also noted that although Malta is registering significant improvements, there is still a long way to go to reach the desired targets and the country needs to at least double its efforts across the board.

Throughout 2024, WasteServ will continue focusing on the commissioning of a new automated glass sorting facility, the issuance of a tender for a new skip management facility, and a €75 million tender for a new organic processing plant within ECOHIVE.

Works on Malta’s waste-to-energy plant are also expected to commence next year.

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