A chimpanzee has been caught on camera snacking on fruit on a wall in Zabbar.

The footage, first reported by Freehour, shows the lone chimpanzee sitting on a wall before retreating ino a tree.

A TikTok user who filmed the monkey said the footage was captured on Sunday. It is not clear where the chimp is from or if it had escaped.

Chimpanzee footage. Video: india_malta TikTok account

Since 2016, it has been illegal for people to import dangerous animals, such as primates, unless they are kept in a zoo.

Anyone who owned a primate before 2016 was supposed to register them.

Animal welfare commissioner Alison Bezzina encouraged anyone who spots the animal to call the hotline 1717. 

However, she pointed out that even when primates are reported and found by the authorities, they cannot take them in as there is nowhere to house them.

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