"The devil’s daughter", "spawn of Satan", "bitch", "slut"… these are just a few of the salacious adjectives used to describe Lara Dimitrijevic by some online commentators.

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Others claim they are ready to shoot or burn the director of the Women’s Rights Foundation, who recently came under fire after calling for worldwide-recognised reproductive rights in Malta.

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This is just one of the issues that the WRF speaks out about - the organisation raises awareness about human trafficking and also provides free legal advice and initial legal representation to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

But this does not seem to go down well with all, including one man who believed Dr Dimitrijevic and others like her are "in the same category as Isis”.

Dr Dimitrijevic’s reaction to this hate speech? She believes that while everybody had a right to express their opinion, when their message became one of hatred they were neither doing any good to themselves nor anyone else.

Dr Dimitrijevic is among those featured in the Times of Malta #stophate campaign, which sees personalities reading out the hate messages levelled out at them on social media.

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