Two separate videos of kamikaze driving sent to Times of Malta by two different readers appear to be of the same truck.

In both videos, the truck can be seen breaking traffic rules as the driver risks motorists' lives with their foolhardy driving - once by driving along the opposite traffic lane while overtaking on a blind corner, another by steaming through a Qormi roundabout despite oncoming traffic. 

Both videos were sent to Times of Malta on the same day by unrelated sources. In both cases, the reader had noted that the truck's number plate was practically illegible due to dirt. 

The truck driver almost caused a crash at this roundabout...

The link between the two videos was highlighted by an eagle-eyed reader, who wrote in to note that the trucks featured looked remarkably similar. 

...and performed an eye-popping illegal overtake on a blind corner.

A closer look at the two vehicles suggests they are indeed one and the same, with similarities stretching beyond the maniacal motorist behind the wheel. 

Bumpers, mud guards and, perhaps most tellingly, the scratch markings on the back of the truck are identical.  

Times of Malta has passed on copies of both videos, including the truck's number plate, to police and will be keeping tabs on the case. 

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...and they could be the same person who performed an eye-popping illegal overtake on a blind corner.

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