Updated at 6.46pm with minister's statement 

A Times of Malta journalist was pushed out of the way as he attempted to continue trying to question Minister Konrad Mizzi about his Panama holdings.

Footage showed at least two men journalist Jacob Borg out of the way as the minister was driven off in his car. 

Video: Matthew Mirabelli

After fielding a number of questions, Dr Mizzi began to walk to his car, ignoring questions about attempts by Nexia BT to open up a Dubai account for him.

As he was getting into his car, one of the men accompanying the minister pushed the journalist out of the way.

A scuffle then ensued with other men accompanying Dr Mizzi getting involved. One of the minister's men intervened to calm down the situation.

Dr Mizzi’s communications coordinator was also seen admonishing the journalist for continuing to question the minister after he had walked away. 

Minister orders disciplinary action against aggressor

In a statement this evening, the government said Dr Mizzi had instructed the Water Services Corporation to take disciplinary action against the aggressor.

The person involved, the government said, was a WSC employee.

It said that while the minister condemned the incident in "the most absolute" manner, he also noted that a person from within his secretariat did his best to calm down the situation.

The government said that although the minister did not agree with Mr Borg's arguments, he believed all journalists should be allowed to do their duty.

This was why he took all questions fielded, in spite of the journalists' pressure.

Institute of Maltese Journalists, PN condemn attack

The Institute of Maltese Journalists condemned the attack saying that when a journalist asked questions, he was only doing his duty.

Journalists' rights should never be threatened, the institute said. 

In another statement, the Nationalist Party expressed solidarity with Mr Borg.

It said the country was in a political and constitutional crisis with the Prime Minister being investigated.

Now was the time for the people to unite to take the country out of the alley it was in and give themselves the country they deserved.

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