One of the messages in the leaked chats between Edward Zammit Lewis and Yorgen Fenech may indicate that the minister had discussed an investigation into 17 Black with the businessman himself.

Back in November 2018, Times of Malta revealed that Fenech was the owner of the secret company 17 Black.

Video edited by Karl Andrew Micallef

This was significant because an email leaked some time earlier revealed that 17 Black was to transfer €2 million a year into Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi's secret Panama companies. 

Following that revelation, then opposition leader Simon Busuttil resorted to court to demand an inquiry. The court ruled the inquiry unnecessary, and following that ruling, Zammit Lewis and Robert Abela, then a member of parliament, held a press conference applauding the court's decision.

Shortly after the press conference, Zammit Lewis sent Fenech a link to a news article reporting on the press conference. And right after that he sent him this text: "Ok my friend?"

Times of Malta pushed the minister on this point, but his reply sheds no light on what he meant in that message.

Zammit Lewis recently landed in hot water after his friendly messages with Fenech were revealed. In one instance, while discussing the political situation in Malta, Zammit Lewis wrote, “that’s what the Labourite Ġaħan wants” sparking anger and a subsequent apology from the minister.

Mark Laurence Zammit explains it in three minutes.





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