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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Unions to join forces in historic protest

Malta’s trade unions have joined forces and will be taking to the streets on Friday to protest against the hike in water and electricity rates and the way the government has undermined social dialogue. In what was described as a “historic moment in trade union relations”, the country’s five major unions, which together represent tens of thousands of workers, have agreed to hold a joint manifestation in Valletta, replacing the General Workers’ Union demonstration planned for tomorrow.

“We are sending the government a clear message that trade unions are willing to come together to fight for workers’ rights,” Union Ħaddiema Magħqudin general secretary Gejtu Vella said. He called on the government to return to the discussion table and leave its know-it-all attitude behind. The unions are meeting again today to formulate a clear common stand.

Sitting beside him, GWU general secretary Tony Zarb said: “We are calling on all workers, pensioners and their families to come to Valletta, so that together we can send the government a clear message against the new tariffs.” If the united call falls on deaf ears, the unions are not excluding other measures, including a national strike.  

25 years ago - The Times

Friday, November 12, 1993

Government proposes wide-ranging reforms

The government yesterday announced wide-ranging proposals for reforms in the Constitution, parliamentary system and administration. “Our intention is to see a broader spread of power and a lesser concentration of power in the hands of government,” Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami said as he presented a 67-page reform programme entitled ‘The change continues…’.

The constitutional proposals concern: the office of the President of the Republic and his election by consensus (involving the mayors of local councils in his election); amendments to the law regarding the Commission for the Investigation of Injustices to allow a constitutionally established ombudsman; changes to the Permanent Commission Against Corruption, establishing it constitutionally; reforming the method of election of members of the Electoral Commission, the Public Service Commission and the Broadcasting Authority; changes to the vote-counting method at elections, the choice of deputy speaker of the House by the Opposition; the establishment of a constitutional right to an abrogative referendum – a petition by 10 per cent of the electorate is required.

Half a century ago - Times of Malta

Tuesday, November 12, 1968

PM to sign trade pact with Japan

Prime Minister Dr Borg Olivier flew to Tokyo today from Hong Kong for a six-day visit as a guest of the Japanese government. He is scheduled to be received in audience by Emperor Hirohito tomorrow at the moated Imperial Palace in Tokyo. Dr Borg Olivier, who is accompanied by a five-man delegation, is to sign a trade agreement between the two countries on Wednesday. This will be preceded by a conference with his counterpart, prime Minister Eisaku Sato. According to reliable sources the agreement will regulate economic exchanges between the two countries.

Another body recovered from the sea

Another body of an unidentified man – the second in two days – was recovered from the sea by the Police at Rdum id-Delli, limits of Mellieħa, on Sunday afternoon. A police report giving the result of a post-mortem examination held at St Luke’s Hospital yesterday stated that the corpse was that of a male aged between 35 and 50, and that death had occurred about 12 weeks ago. No ascertainable sign of violence was seen on the corpse.

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