Photographer Kenneth Borg and graphic designer Paul Mizzi have been working together over the past 18 months to set up an exhibition to support Amnesty International's campaign Stop Violence Against Women.

Girl; Interviewed is the title of the exhibition which will open on Saturday at the Malta Maritime Museum, at the Vittoriosa Waterfront.

The display will feature 22 works - 11 monochrome photographs and 11 graphic re-interpretations of the core details of the same photographs. The project evolved in a number of phases, the first literally saw the artists informally interviewing several girls to establish their traits and personalities.

The individual characters of the girls "dictated" the mood, setting and costume of each photo. The resulting product is not an exercise in aesthetics but rather one of insight and, ultimately, introspection on behalf of the two artists, who assume the role of masters of ceremony.

The two use very different means to represent their subjects, even though their point of departure is the same. Mr Borg uses subtle plays of light and shade together with the complementary surroundings and environs of his location or backdrop.

Mr Mizzi, on the other hand, uses monochrome photographs as points of departure on which he builds and combines a variety of elements in a collage-like manner resulting in an explosion of colour.

The exhibition will be open till November 21. Visiting hours are 9 a.m. till 5 p.m.

The showcase is being supported by Art Deco, Bank of Valletta, Camilleri Wines and Heritage Malta.

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