In the last few years, there have been many new games coming on the market. And increasingly, many are turning to the internet in search of some entertainment and distraction.

For this reason, many game providers have started to develop more games and push the industry forward. The amount of people playing online games, like slot machines, poker or roulette, has been increasing immensely in the last few years

Another reason for the increasing use of online gambling games is cryptocurrencies. While big companies like Tesla or others already accept the new digital currencies as a payment method, the gambling and gaming industry did not sleep either. As Bitcoin and other cryptos allow extremely fast and secure transactions, they have become very popular in the gambling industry as well.

The industry started to adopt the new currencies immediately and started to develop special games which are based on the new currencies. Whether one uses Bitcoin to level up the avatar or buy new cool gadgets, or to transfer money to a slot machine provider in order to play more, the new currencies are a big hit in the gambling industry. So-called Bitcoin Casinos and other Crypto Casinos have been popping up everywhere on the internet in the last couple of years.

Online gambling is becoming really popular and grows internationally

Additionally to this, platforms like Twitch and YouTube offer opportunities to learn more about the games before even playing by yourself. Online gambling game streams are increasingly popular and have created vast communities of international players.

The streamer shares his screen, so the audience can see exactly what is happening on his screen. Mostly the streamers also share a live video and audio of themselves as a small picture in the corner via webcam. The audience can see what the player is doing on his screen and at the same time listen to his comments. Through these streams, games become more popular and also increase their advertisement reach to attract new people.
Unlike gambling in a real casino which is located in a certain country, online casinos operate internationally. This fact has made it hard for governments to regulate and control the industry. Almost all countries in the world have special gaming authorities that try to control the gambling in the country in order to collect taxes and protect players from fraud. Because of this, many game providers search for the best location to operate from.

Malta became a haven for game providers. Although the country is less populated than others, it is home to a high number of online gambling operators. Casinos, bookmakers and poker rooms found it worthwhile to choose this country for their headquarters and applied for a local licence. Even though it is not so easy to even get one.

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is widely regarded as one of the strictest regulatory bodies, yet gambling operators are happy to abide by its terms and conditions. It helps them project the right image of trust needed to convince prospective players in this highly competitive industry. More and more online casinos have been popping up on the island in recent years. But what are the reasons for that? We’ll have a look at it now!

Sensible and predictable laws

There are many different things that matter to businesses concerning the location and political situation of the environment. The most important thing for businesses in general and online gambling operators, in particular, is obviously a stable and predictable set of rules. If the laws are easy to understand and flexible enough to get the best profits out of one business, the operators are happy.

If the gambling laws change too often, it becomes extremely hard for providers to keep up and react quickly enough. Furthermore, it is very hard for providers to come up with a coherent strategy that will help them stay afloat in the long run if laws are not stable enough. As the gambling industry is a very competitive place, casinos are forced to locate their headquarters in a stable environment.

The Malta Gaming Authority forces providers to abide by strict standards while still giving them a clear structure to work with. For a long period of time, lawmakers in Malta worked to create a set of rules that would appeal to international casinos. As a result, Malta has now gambling legislation that offers multiple advantages for those who choose the Mediterranean island as their headquarters. Even though Maltese laws are quite strict, they appear to be still reasonable. Additionally, there are not many changes happening on a regular basis. And even if changes occur, they are discussed with the parties involved to reach an agreeable solution.

Reasonable taxation and many opportunities

As the gambling industry is always in the focus of the tax collectors, it often faces extremely high taxes. Some of the levies are so high, that it is not even profitable for businesses to operate at all. The big advantage of Malta is that the industry isn’t taxed excessively and efforts are made to offer a sustainable business opportunity in the long run.

The costs for providers are significantly lower than those paid by similar casinos operating in other European nations. Of course, the required licence is not cheap, but the amount paid pales in comparison to what gambling operators are charged elsewhere.

Given this combination of reasonable taxes and the prestige of the MGA licence makes Malta the perfect spot for big casino providers. Malta offers the perfect conditions for online gambling casinos to operate and work with, while still giving the chance to work fully within the legal boundaries.

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