The office of Human Resources has issued the following work attire and dress code recommendations.

It is important that all University employees project a professional image to the students, parents and visitors, as well as to their colleagues, with whom they interact. The arrival of warmer summer weather, provides an opportunity to review the University's appropriate work attire and dress code.

Discretion in style of dress and behaviour is essential to the image and the safe and efficient operation of the University. Members of staff are expected to dress in a manner appropriate to their working environment and to the type of work performed.

An employee's schedule of activities should determine the employee's work attire. Employees, in conjunction with their heads, are therefore expected to use their judgment regarding the appropriate work attire and any dress code requirement specific to their department. This is because some departments may have their own policies or dress codes appropriate to the nature of the work done within those departments.

As a general guideline, administrative staff should wear "business casual" dress during the summer months, while other members of staff who are required to wear a uniform and health and safety equipment are expected to wear them in their entirety.

The following guidelines apply to "business casual" attire: Appropriate business casual attire includes trousers, skirts and shirts with collars. Appropriate business casual attire does not include jeans, athletic attire (sweatshirts, sweatpants, gym shoes), casual T-shirts, cropped shirts, casual shirts, casual sandals and shorts or bermudas.

Other members of staff, including technical and industrial employees, should abide by the safety policies and procedures of their departments and wear the required uniform and any required protective clothing and safety equipment.

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