The Agones ‘Orchid’ cycling team is a recently established group of cyclists who compete at national level and have obtained nine podiums in recent cycling competitions.

The Agones Sports Club was set up a year ago with the aim of promoting sport and creating opportunities for seasoned athletes to practise and compete within a healthy atmosphere as well as introducing people to physical activity.

The team members are a mixture of seasoned athletes and newbies who take part in mountain bike and road bike competitions. The cyclists, whose abilities vary, come from all walks of life.

Also known as ‘The Orchids’, the cyclists also hold bike-handling sessions for adults and children who are still learning to ride.

Warren Muscat, the club’s founder, who is now president, is a physical education teacher and coach by profession. He works closely with club members Mark Sammut, who has created the Agones ‘Pago’ Series, and trail running mentor Ruben Degiorgio, the mind behind the Agones Trail Running League.

Caroline Zammit together with national team cyclist Stephania Magri were fundamental in launching and running the Agones ‘Orchid’ cycling team.

The club has also recently launched its junior cycling team and holds sessions every Saturday. The main aim is to instil the concept of fun cycling and a love for riding.

Apart from encouraging its athletes to take part in charity rides by other entities, the team organises its own fundraising ride called ‘From dusk till dawn’, which takes place in September.

The 100 km fun ride is held during the night and the money raised is donated to charitable organisations.