The Żejtun farmhouse owned by the husband of Equal Opportunities Minister Helena Dalli, where work was taking place in spite of an enforcement notice, was not listed in her declaration of assets.

The ministerial declaration requires a listing of properties she owns as well as those belonging her spouse, Patrick Dalli.

She lists only the house she lives in, a few metres down from the development

Yet she lists only the house she lives in, a few metres down from the development, as well as her office in Żabbar.

The Żejtun farmhouse was slapped with an enforcement notice in 2011, because of infringements on the site.

However, this newspaper revealed last Thursday that works on the property were continuing.

Mr Dalli said he had no idea workers were on site, even though the farmhouse is located on the same street where he lives. Furthermore, the vehicles being used belong to a company he owns – Pada Builders Ltd. The company is listed in the minister’s declaration of assets.

The Opposition is calling on the minister to shoulder political responsibility for her husband’s development in Żejtun.

The site in question is located outside the development zone within the area known as Ħal-Tmien, limits of Żejtun.

The building lies adjacent to a cluster of buildings identified as a category two settlement – a small part of the building falls within the boundary of this settlement.

When contacted to explain why he was proceeding with work on site without planning permission, Mr Dalli questioned whether he was being singled out because he was the minister’s husband.

He told this newspaper that he had a promise of sale agreement to sell the property, but lawyers who spoke to The Sunday Times of Malta said that in the eyes of the law, he is still the owner of the property and therefore accountable for any infringements.

The infringements include the construction of a swimming pool larger than permitted, as well as excavations in the garden’s paved area and under the living room to create a basement garage.

Two rooms were built without a permit, and a washroom at roof level was built larger than approved plans.

The Sunday Times of Malta asked the planning authority what action it would be taking against the works, but no reply was received by the time of going to print.

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