A €1 million bank guarantee has been imposed on the owners of the new Pama Shopping Village in Mosta by the planning authority.

The guarantee was imposed to ensure that a solution is found for the relocation of the unsightly services installed along the back wall of the new supermarket.

The board considered these services, which included large plant equipment, unacceptable and visually intruding along Pantar Road in Mosta.

The board also called on the owners to re-instate the green enclave which acts as a buffer along the road parameters.

The applicant was asked to submit a planning application with a proposal within a month and told to carry out works once a permit was issued within three months.

The board sanctioned development works within the site which included the re-distribution of the areas in the main supermarket building for catering facilities, the change of use of warehousing facilities into retail outlets and the construction of additional parking facilities at basement level.

A penalty of over €58,000 was imposed for works without a permit.