Every relationship will often go through maturity and sometimes, you or your partner will forget how to take things more romantically. Having said that, being busy with all sorts of stuff such as family issues, kids and career can’t stop you from trying to maintain a healthy bond with your partner. You should always remember to take care and value the bond you have with each other since it can help you have a more satisfying and happy life. To strengthen your bond as a married couple, you should consider fun and new things to experience. 

Still, if you’re having trouble planning the next anniversary date for you and your partner, help is at hand. Although the current state of traveling might probably restrict some options, there are a lot more other activities or plans for you to consider. Besides, the usual movie date or dinner won’t feel that special if you want to wow your partner.

To make sure you guys can experience a special time together, we have gathered 10 fun things to do on your anniversary below. 

Cook for each other and enjoy a lazy day

You’re probably thinking, "What can I do if my partner’s always tired from work?” Sometimes all you need to do to strengthen your bond as a married couple is a lazy, relaxing day. You could try cooking together for lunch or you can even try to surprise your partner in the early morning with his or her favourite breakfast. Having said that, if your partner isn’t a huge fan of breakfast, you could try looking into different breakfast ideas online. 

Take a trip down memory lane

Memories are often stored in old pictures and films. They can pave a way for you and your partner to reminisce about the past and the memories you have made together. For starters, if you’re celebrating your wedding anniversary at home, a fun activity would be for you to compile a photo album with your partner. And if possible, watching the videos of your wedding together would be a special way for you to end or start the celebration.

Go on an adventure

If you and your partner are fond of going to new places, you should start planning an exciting adventure. Whether you’re planning a romantic trek in the mountains or a spontaneous trip to a tropical beach, escaping from the city or from your usual dates will truly feel like a fresh experience for you and your partner. Plus, you wouldn’t want to miss a beautiful and romantic sunset on top of a mountain or at a lovely beach. 

Plan a themed date

If you’re tired of going out to eat together at your favorite restaurant, you can always mix things up by bringing the anniversary dinner to your home. There are a lot of subscription services these days and they can give you a bunch of gourmet recipes to try out. And if you want to make it a more fun experience, you can try planning a special theme for your anniversary date. An anniversary date in your own home or at your backyard can be very special and romantic especially if it’s planned with the right decor.

Game night

Another activity you could do at home with your better half would be playing games. Whether you’re fairly interested on board games or you consider yourselves fond of video games, a great game can be a fun part of your anniversary date. 

Take a road trip

Exploring unfamiliar towns and fun places in other states, a road trip will surely be a great time for you and your partner. Hitting the road with your better half will result to more meaningful talks and spontaneous adventures. Not to mention, you could always learn new things about yourselves. 

Plan a nice picnic in a garden or at the beach

If you want a budget-friendly anniversary date with your partner, a simple picnic during the warmer months at the park or beach can easily become a romantic date. Just don’t forget to bring any essentials that would your picnic a lot more surprising and romantic. 

Take a spa day

If you’re tired of planning and celebrating your anniversary date at home, you could try spending your day at the spa. If you want to have a more relaxing time as a couple, a lovely day at the spa will relieve both your stress. However, if budget seems to be an issue, you could always make a budget-friendly spa bath in your home. 

Live entertainment

Another fun thing to do for your anniversary date is to go on a live show. Whether you guys love a certain musical production or a particular artist, experiencing such atmosphere will be a breath of fresh air for you and your partner. 

Take a class together

Taking a class together that you’ll both enjoy will absolutely strengthen your bond as a married couple. On top of that, trying out a class in cooking, painting, canvas prints, or even dancing might even become a new hobby for you or your partner. 


Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly or luxurious plan to go with, there are a lot of other options for you to consider if you really want to have a perfect anniversary date with your partner. With the right planning and decision process, you can have a quality time together looking back to everything you have been through as a couple – have a fun anniversary.

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