If you ever find yourself on an Oceanic Express flight, remember this story: it all started with a young boy's dream.

Alex Jacquot wants to set up an airline and felt that there was no reason not to start planning it while he had some spare time - given that it was the school holidays - along with his 'co-founder' Wolf. 

However, in spite of having 'recruited' his top management, they could not get their heads round the problem of what to do when offering a 25-hour flight from Sydney/Melbourne to London.

His solution: ask the experts, in this case, the CEO of Qantas Airline.

"We are having a lot of trouble thinking about sleep," he wrote in a letter to Qantas' Alan Joyce, pleading with him "to take the letter seriously".

And Mr Joyce responded, saying that although he did not usually give advice to competitors, he would make an exception as he was once a curious young boy himself.

He went on to give advice about safety and admits that Qantas is also struggling with what to do with such long flights.

He invited the boy to attend a one-on-one meeting to compare notes, which had the younger CEO "running around the house shouting for 10 minutes", according to Australian media.


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