A group of 106 irregular immigrants, including six pregnant women and six children, arrived Malta today. They are claiming to be from Somalia.

Three women, two of whom are in the last stages of pregnancy, were airlifted to Malta International Airport, from where were taken to Mater Dei Hospital.

Another four young men were medically evacuated on the search a rescue vessel Melita. One has a broken leg, one leg injuries, one is suffering from chest pains, the other from dehydration.

The other 99 were brought in on a patrol boat at Haywharf. They arrived at around 12.45pm.

They were originally planned to arrive at 11am but sources said their dinghy is in such a bad state that it is being feared that if the patrol boat gets too close to it, it will capsize.

The dinghy is currently located 20 nautical miles south of Malta.


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