A total of 104 babies were born through in vitro fertilisation since the service started being offered at Mater Dei Hospital two years ago.

They consisted of 61 girls and 43 boys.

There are about 30 couples awaiting IVF treatment. Health Minister Chris Fearne described the decision to offer IVF treatment at Mater Dei as one of the most important ever made.

“We know that couples undergoing IVF treatment have to make lots of sacrifices but this is easily overcome when they hold their child in their arms. In the coming months, we will work to ensure that more couples are eligible for IVF treatment because we believe that more couples should experience the joy of having children,” Mr Fearne said.

A few weeks ago, the Opposition presented a motion in Parliament regarding a legal notice granting prospective parents leave to undergo medically-assisted procreation. The motion was defeated, with 37 votes against and 21 in favour, after six Nationalist MPs abstained. The motion was seconded by Opposition leader Adrian Delia.

The Nationalist Party insisted the legal notice was not consistent with the country’s laws.


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