The Telemedicine service embarked upon in the past months has been used by 15,000 people, apart from COVID-19 patients who were also being followed by the Telemedicine doctors, Health Minister Chris Fearne said on Friday.

Speaking during a visit to the Telemedicine Centre, Fearne said this was a new concept through which medical consultations started to be carried out using different forms of communication, such as Skype and Zoom.

COVID-19 led to the creation of more innovative systems of how patients could be in contact with their doctors without physically meeting them.

Telemedicine is available 24 hours a day all over Malta and Gozo.

Patients first reach the Client Support Centre and those needing medical advice are then passed on to the Telemedicine Centre, which is run by family doctors 24 hours a day. The doctors operating the service give medical advice and when and if necessary send doctors from Health Centres to the patients’ houses.

Doctors at the centre were also keeping in direct contact with those who tested positive for COVID-19 and did not require hospital care.

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