I was shocked to hear about Dr Gonzi's proposal to have land reclamation at Ghallis. Is there nowhere safe from development on this island, where normal people can enjoy a day out without having to see it bulldozed and concrete poured over to have either a new hotel, block of flats or whatever other money-making venture to satisfy the elite few.

Most countries protect their reefs - we propose to cover them in building waste without any concern for the natural habitat or the impact on us, the taxpayers, the same people who need areas that are free to access and as natural as can be. I believe we all have the right to enjoy our free time in the best natural environment that the Maltese Islands can offer.

I know I do not just speak for myself when I express horror at such a proposal. I have swum, windsurfed and surfed at Ghallis for over 20 years now and this is because of the shallow reef that allows for ideal wave and wind conditions. What we have here at Ghallis are conditions that people pay good money for and travel to far destinations; we have it at our back door and our government plans to bury it.

In these past years we have seen Ghallis attacked from all sides, first the mountain of rubbish that grew and grew, then we had signs put up saying that the area is unfit for swimming (had this been the case, I should by now have an extra toe or something!). Then it was the oily slicks from the tuna pens which in the predominant WNW-NW winds are blown right on this area and further and nobody in authority seems to see or smell. Now it's land reclamation.

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