All tobacco advertising was banned through a legal notice that came into force on January 1, the health authorities said yesterday.

The Environmental Health Directorate warned retailers that all advertising for cigarettes, cigars, tobacco or tobacco products was now banned. Adverts were no longer permissible anywhere, not even at the point of sale, on vending machines.

With regard to the sale of tobacco from automatic vending machines, no person can sell or allow the sale of any other product except cigarettes and tobacco products from automatic sales machines used to dispense cigarettes and tobacco products. Sales from such machines are permitted only when the machines are continually supervised.

Moreover, as from April 27, all cigarettes packets must feature a pictorial warning about the harm caused by smoking.

The directorate reiterated that no smoking is allowed in public enclosed areas, meaning any space covered by a roof and enclosed by more than one wall or side. Areas enclosed on more than one side with even temporary plastic material also constituted an enclosed area, the directorate said.

Further information is available on telephone numbers 2133 3733/2132 4093 up to 3 p.m.

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