The University has commissioned a supercomputer and sophisticated equipment worth over €5 million for the better analysis of the composition of matter.

The equipment was bought through a €50 million grant to the University made by the European Research and Development Fund.

Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi, who was shown the acquisitions this morning, was told how the new equipment can be used for research and analysis of the composition of a range of matter, including metal, for use in a range of activities such as the manufacture of medical equipment, engineering tools and items used in the construction industry.

The supercomputer is used for the fast processing of complicated data like genetics and climate change and can do the work of 400 ordinary computers.

Dr Gonzi said such purchases underlined the University's commitment to research and its intention to link more closely with the needs of the industrial sector.

He said that funds from the European fund were also being used in the building of the new IT faculty and other sections of the University.

Rector Juanito Camilleri said the availability of such equipment also enabled the University of Malta to team up with research projects with other Universities.

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