Jo Debono writes:

The passing away of CharlesCassano last week shocked me, even though I knew he was over 80.

He was a true gentleman, a civil servant of the highest esteem and in his leisure hours an artist, and this is what prompted me to jot down a few lines about his greattalent.

When, in 1962, Malta Television started broadcasting from Guardamangia, we had live programmes like Popping The Pops, X’Jista Jkun, 20 Questions and others. The small studio had to be designed to look larger and more interesting.

It was Mr Cassano who, after a day’s work, would come to the studio and start painting the scenery.

Within a few minutes, he had managed to create a backdrop of whatever subject he deemed fit for the programme.

I remember that with a single brush he could draw a thin line and carry on to finish his landscape in a matter of minutes.

Mr Cassano was also the man who started taking young singers to Bologna to participate in Zecchino d’Oro. One of the singers actually went on to win the first prize.

He designed stages for various festivals and also for a big song festival in Acireale in 1963.

Then there were his carnival floats, which he would start building. They were the first to be coloured in the new medium, called ETA Colour, which made his creations look vibrant and funny.

Mr Cassano was indeed not only a gentleman but also an artist who was ready to teach all those around him. To his family I offer my deepest sympathy. May God give him peace.

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