The interaction between humans and machines means we are living in a new world order, according to a professor in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Malta.

“The age of techno-culture is part and parcel of human existence in the 21st century... whether we accept it or not,” said Claude Mangion, who gave the academic oration during the graduation ceremony at the Jesuits’ church in Valletta yesterday.

The connection between the humanities and technology matters, he said, because it “pervades our lives” in “an accelerated fashion”.

Prof. Mangion pointed out that the role of the humanities in the age of techno-culture was to find the appropriate language to use when talking about this new world.

“It is the relationship between the human and the technological that carves out a new space for the humanities... that needs to move away from the restricted margins of science fiction towards the centre of humanistic studies,” he said.

Meanwhile, writer Immanuel Mifsud, who graduated Doctor of Philosophy in the Faculty of Arts, represented the students with a speech about his studies on body images in Maltese poetry in the past century.

His studies led him to conclude that men and women writers looked at the human body with “contrasting attitudes”.

Faculty of Arts
European Master in Mediterranean Historical Studies
Sponsor: Prof. Dominic Fenech
James Sultana.

Master in Contemporary Diplomacy
Sponsor: Prof. Dominic Fenech
Giovanni Buttigieg, Christine Marie Caruana, Ahamefule Eluwa, Rachid Mtougui, Wadzanai Nhongo and Momodu Wurie.

Master of Arts in Hospitaller Studies
Sponsor: Prof. Dominic Fenech
Maria Abela, Daniel Azzopardi, Ronald Borg, Rachel Caruana, Frederick Cauchi Inglott, Kurt Mifsud and Ivan Vassallo.

Master in Interpreting
Sponsor: Prof. Dominic Fenech
Lara Boffa.

Master in Translation
Sponsor: Prof. Dominic Fenech
Roberta Abela, Matthew Agius, Karen Aquilina, Roberta Attard, Michelle T Borg, Tiziana Caruana, Romina Debrincat*, Carl Paul Delmar, Mark Anthony Fenech, Ritienne Gialanze’, Mariella Mangion, Maria Muscat, Andrew Pisani, Lorraine Piscopo, Sherika Josephine Seychell and Erica Vella.

Master of Arts
Sponsor: Prof. Dominic Fenech

Anglo-Italian Studies
Diahann-Dilys Harmsworth.

Andrè Callus*.

John Gerald Attard.

Luisana D’amato, Kurt Farrugia, Iona Muscat and Krista Paris.

George Francis Vella*.

Fatma Mohammed Abuelkitan, Sarah Borg, Nicholas Eugene Dziadyk and May Vella.

Geography of Cities
Daniel Borg and Victor Zammit.

Mark Camilleri, Lycia Cilia, Charles Debono, Liam Gauci, Karl Mintoff and Ivan Vassallo.

History of Art
Victoria Agius, Maria Baldacchino, Elizabeth Borg, Ann Dingli, Krystle Farrugia, Michelle Marie Galea and Robert Galea.

International Relations
Kersten Calleja, Malcolm Cutajar, Andre Paul Debattista, Yaneka Gauci and Diandra Pace.

Michelle Marie Drago, Ana Stanislavova Georgieva, Priscilla Denise Musumeci, Vanessa Petroni, Michelle Said, Rosanne Sammut and Sandra Giovanna Zammit.

Stefan Bezzina, Analise Camilleri, Loredana Paula Polidano, Emanuel Psaila, Dorothy Scerri, Rebecca Spiteri, Charmaine Tanti and Joanne Trevisan.

Modern and Contemporary Literature and Criticism
Anton Bonnici, Christianne Marie Briffa, Adrian Farrugia and Elisabeth Galea.

Melinda-Sue Borg, Clive Muscat, Keith Pisani and Duncan Sant.

Gaynor Azzopardi Mercieca, Christine Borg, Daniela Grech and Tiziana Zarb.

Theatre Studies
Dustin John Cauchi.

European Centre for Gerontology
Master of Gerontology and Geriatrics
Sponsor: Prof. Joseph Troisi
Anthony Agius Decelis and Carol Gobey.

Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Educational Research
Master of Arts in Comparative Euro-Mediterranean Education Studies
Sponsor: Prof. Ronald Sultana
Gabriella Borg.

Institute for Maltese Studies
Master in Maltese Studies
Sponsor: Prof. Henry Frendo
Vincent Galea.

Institute of Linguistics
Master of Arts in Linguistics
Sponsor: Dr Albert Gatt
Sandra Hammett.

Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture
Master of Arts in Tourism
Sponsor: Dr Nadia Theuma
Tiffany Abdilla, Henriette Calleja, Celine Farrugia, Andrew Galea and Angela Patiniott.

Faculty of Arts
Doctor of Philosophy
Sponsor: Prof. Dominic Fenech
Immanuel Mifsud, Grace Stringos.

* in absentia

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