A number of vividly coloured, sinuous paintings by Kenneth Zammit Tabona are on display at the Camilleri Paris Mode shops of Sliema and Rabat.

For many years, Mr Zammit Tabona has been known for his festas and his bucolic, rustic scenes featuring dowagers, archpriests and inert hunters frozen in time, endeavouring to overcome the immobility caused by the eternal Maltese sirocco.

Ten years ago, the artist was introduced to al fresco painting and a change of medium from gouache to classic watercolour.

Inspiration was retrospectively drawn from his childhood mentor, Giuseppe Arcidiacono, and the abstract world of Emil Nolde.

The artist subsequently embarked on textual adventures into abstractions of landscape and reinterpretations of natural beauty spots, mostly by the sea, which took on more surreal undertones.

He still creates inimitable drawing rooms full of Maltese furniture and Chinese porcelain, featuring his beloved black and white cat, Feliċ.

Dubbed “fuoridentros” (a tongue-in-cheek interpretation of ‘rooms with a view’) by the late Fr Peter Serracino Inglott, the paintings incorporate a variety of juxtaposed objets d’art with a depiction of the landscape as seen through an open window.

The exhibition runs until the end of this month.

The shops are open from 9.30am to 7.30pm until Christmas Eve, after which regular opening hours will be resumed.

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