A magistrate this morning ordered the arrest of a man who failed to turn up for a court hearing against him.

David Camilleri of Rabat was due to be charged with careless or negligent behaviour and endangering an aircraft and its passengers when he directed a laser beam at it from Mosta. The incident happened on June 16 at 9.30 p.m. while the aircraft was coming in to land.  

Police Inspector Martin Sammut confirmed to Magistrate Carol Peralta that Mr Camilleri was informed of the case. He said the accused told him he worked nights, found it hard to wake up in the mornings and would be turning up late for the sitting, due at 9am.

Police Inspector Edwin Cushcieri said, however, the accused told him he should be in court by 9.45am.

However, the accused was called six times between 10.30 and 10.40am and did not appear.

The magistrate ordered that he is arrested on Monday night and brought to court on Tuesday.

(Mr Camilleri in comments to timesofmalta.com said he was conducting an astronomy session and had been pointing out a star. He also explained his absence from court - see comments below)

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