Would you like to work in the world’s most colourful offices? Join the queue because these offices pack intelligent design, creative zones and plenty of happiness to make sure you have an eight to five smile.

Lloyd’s of London, London, UK

Located in the heart of the City of London, Lloyd’s headquarters looks like something out of the future. The massive atrium is a Blade Runner dream with space-age escalators criss-crossing their way to the top. Voted by classified ads search engine Adzuna as the most eye-catching corporate building in the UK.

Corus Entertainment, Toronto, Canada

Housing more than 1,000 members of staff, this 500,000 square metres office features a five-floor atrium with a statement three-floor slide. And if that wasn’t fun enough, the boardroom tables are shaped like ice hockey rinks. Anyone for a game?

Selgas Cano Architecture, Madrid, Spain

This is the closest you can get to nature. Situated in the woods outside Madrid, the Selgas Cano Architecture offices make the most of their amazing location by bringing in natural elements into the office. On one side of the office, a giant curved window gives employees the best views while the other side offers shade from direct sunlight. Ventilation is natural.

Inventionland, Pittsburgh, USA

Inventionland is the corporate headquarters of Davison Design and Development. Conceived by company founder and CEO George McConnell Davidson, Inventionland includes 16 themed sets such as a tree house, giant robot and pirate ship. It’s the best inspiration the company’s artists, graphic designers and industrial designers can get.

Pallotta Teamworks, Los Angeles, USA

Located in a Los Angeles warehouse, the fundraising company’s offices are designed around a series of shipping containers and large tents to create what Clive Wilkinson Architects call “breathing islands”. Streets connect each department while a large container tower serves as an executive space. Water fountains and bright colours decorate the space.

Red Bull, London, UK

Designed by Jump Studios, the Red Bull offices in London are a successful marriage between modern design and fun. Features a giant slide and a ping-pong meeting room.

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