The Hungarian student who suffered racial abuse earlier this summer, Jack Daboma, and the woman, with whom he had an altercation this morning hugged each other in court as he forgave her over the incident. 

When the two appeared before Magistrate Carol Peralta, their lawyers said they were renouncing the criminal action against each other. 

Photo: Matthew XuerebPhoto: Matthew Xuereb

Lawyers Franco Debono, Marion Camilleri, Angie Muscat and Amadeus Cachia said their client, Ms Cutajar, was apologising for her behaviour and her actions on the day in question and that she had not intented to be racist or in any way offend or bring into disrepute Mr Daboma. 

"Her comments were never of a racist nature and she is not racist, neither now nor the day of the incident," they said. They added that her actions were due to anxiety because she had just been to hospital and had undergone an operation. 

On his part, lawyer Roberto Montalto, appearing for Mr Daboma, said his client was accepting the apology and the declaration that the incident was not instigated by any racist sentiments, and was opting not to testify against Ms Cutajar. 

Magistrate Peralta noted how both were withdrawing the criminal complaint they had filed against each other and declared the issue as settled. 

On Dr Debono's suggestion, the two shook each other's hands and also hugged each other, with Ms Cutajar being taken over by her emotions. 

Photo: Matthew XuerebPhoto: Matthew Xuereb

The magistrate also heard Police Constables Justin Spiteri, Raymond Azzopardi and Daniel Debattista declare that they arrived after the incident. On the other hand, PC Joseph Debrincat, who was present throughout the incident, said he was opting not to testify as he was currently facing internal disciplinary proceedings over the way he handled the incident. 

The incident happened during the flopped launch of the Tallinja card scheme when Mr Daboma attempted to organise a queue. Ms Cutajar allegedly spat at him and also slapped him before he was pinned to the ground and arrested. 

Mr Daboma appeared in court to be charged for offending and tarnishing Ms Cutajar's reputation while Ms Cutajar stood charged with her involvement in a racially motivated assault. 



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