Victims of incidents like Sunday’s would have a complex maze to navigate should they want to claim damages, legal sources have told Times of Malta.

The official Facebook page of Paqpaqli Għall-Istrina states that the annual motoring event is organised “by The Office of the President in collaboration with a core team of volunteers, all working towards the main aim of raising funds for the Malta Community Chest Fund”.

However, the Office of the President enjoys immunity from civil and criminal prosecution.

“The situation is tragic from whatever angle you look at it,” the source told the Times of Malta.

He said that among the salient points which would require examination would be the extent to which the President’s Office was involved as the organizer and what insurance cover was provided.

Even so, many insurance companies might not honour claims if it resulted that gross negligence was involved.

Other parties involved were the people responsible for handling the security and safety logistics of the event and the driver of the car, provided it was covered by insurance.

The case gets all the more complicated because this was not a road accident but a special event.

“This is a highly complex situation and it’s not going to be easy for victims to claim damages,” the source said.

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