Opposition leader Simon Busuttil has dubbed the conclusions of the probe that established that defective concrete had been used at Mater Dei Hospital as “false” saying that one of the members of the inquiry board, Karl Cini, was the same person who had taken steps to set up Panama companies just five days after the last general election.

“The same person who was setting up a Panama company and a New Zealand trust for Konrad Mizzi is also checking if the Mater Dei concrete was good or not. Did you expect the probe to find that the concrete was according to standard?”

“It’s incredible, they are not ashamed of anything. This inquiry is false and only intended to tarnish others and deflect attention from other issues,” Dr Busuttil said.

The PN leader made these remarks in a highly-charged 15-minute speech at the Birkirkara club, in which he rallied all those present for this afternoon’s protest against corruption in Valletta, which the party is organising.

Mr Cini was placed on the Mater Dei investigation board by Dr Mizzi.

The floaters need to decide who is saying the truth

Dr Busuttil referred to a report in the Australian media that the first steps to open secret Panama companies by Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi and the Prime Minister’s close aide Keith Schembri, were taken after just five days after Labour was elected to govern in 2013.

“Dirty, dirty, just five days after the general elections. This is not myself saying it, but reports around the world.”

Pitching his address to “floating voters” and “genuine” Labour supporters he urged them to turn up for the event to convey their disgust about the manner in which the country was being led.

“The floaters need to decide who is saying the truth so that this country is back on track.”

“Labour supporters who worked hard to see their party in government and are now witnessing the state to which the leadership and the country has stooped should feel welcome to join us.”

Dr Busuttil insisted that even though the protest was being organised by the PN, it was a national event for which even those harbouring different political beliefs were invited.

Speakers would include people from outside the party, he said. The PN leader urged all those present to show respect to all those who would be turning up in Valletta.

He said that there was enough evidence for the Prime Minister to sack Dr Mizzi and Mr Schembri, adding that Dr Muscat was just looking after his own interests and those closest to him, rather than the country’s.

Dr Muscat was no longer fit for purpose as he failed to act, he said.

Dr Busuttil rounded off his speech urging all PN supporters to attend the protest, saying that the party was always behind the people in the most challenging times.

“We want to show the rest of the world that we are against corruption,” Dr Busuttil said.


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