A dog sanctuary in Marsa that houses some 90 abandoned dogs could shut down unless it finds alternative premises.

The Association for Abandoned Animals will be losing its sanctuary and could be forced to shut down, meaning that it will not be admitting any new dogs and will have to rehome its current canine residents.

Sanctuary manager Rosalind Agius told this newspaper that AAA’s sanctuary was rented from a private entity, but a project that includes a childcare centre, gymnasium and a car park was under way on a plot of land behind it.

Work on this new project kicked off approximately three weeks ago and will block the main entrance to the AAA sanctuary, Ms Agius explained.

A project that includes a childcare centre, gymnasium and a car park is under way on a plot of land behind it

The AAA, which homes stray dogs and those that are no longer wanted, provides the animals with medical care and shelter. But its future depends on whether it will be able to move into new premises, which ideally need to be far away from urban areas.

Another concern for the animal sanctuary NGO is that the use of the building behind their premises in the Marsa industrial estate includes a childcare centre.

A sanctuary housing from 80 to 90 dogs needed to be far away from residential and recreational areas, Ms Agius said. AAA’s alternative location could be a factory or a farm that is no longer in use.

AAA has held “positive discussions” with the Animal Welfare Directorate about its imminent evacuation, and the directorate showed “willingness to support the NGO”, Ms Agius noted.

Find more information about AAA and the sanctuary on its website http://aaamalta.com/ .

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