Keith Schembri has filed a criminal complaint against Simon Busuttil calling on the police to investigate the Opposition leader for filing a false report in court, perjury and lying.

"Mr Schembri has asked the police to seek advice and take action against the Opposition leader. As he has done throughout the entire process, Mr Schembri is prepared to present all proof and urged the Opposition leader to bring forward any proof he claims to have," said a statement from the Department of Information.

The move comes a week after Dr Busuttil asked the courts to examine whether the prime minister's chief of staff and Minister Konrad Mizzi broke money laundering laws when opening secret companies in Panama.

In a tweet, Dr Busuttil said they wanted to use the police against him for standing up to their corruption. "I have news for them: I will fight for democracy."

Dr Busuttil said he was faced to resort to court once again because the police nor the Attorney General had failed to do their job. 

His application highlighted a December 2015 email in Nexia BT gives go-ahead to open bank accounts for offshore companies belonging to the two PEPs, despite Panamanian bank BSI requiring minimum deposits of $1 million a year.

The general election result was no excuse to sweep criminal acts under the carpet, Dr Busuttil said. 

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