The two stories on the front page of today's Times of Malta report on the Chief Justice's appeal for new law courts, and Identity Malta's explanation on why so few details of the 'passport buyers' was being released in the interests of diplomatic relations.

The Malta Independent gives prominence to a Maltese man's attempt to free his boat, currently being held in Libya, as well as a report by the Occupational Health and Safety Authority on the considerable reduction in workplace fatalities.

Four stories on the front of L-Orizzont today, with a speech by UHM head Josef Vella taking top billing, along with the theft from a jewellery store in Sliema, information about criminals who have disappeared without trace, and the changes within the Nationalist Party hierarchy.

In-Nazzjon, in the meantime, features the hold-up at Sliema's the Point, with descriptions of the injuries inflicting on an employee and security guard during the hold-up.

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