How to better understand and appreciate the concepts of law and justice through the muses and the arts will be the topic of a lecture by Mr Justice Silvio Meli to be held at the Malta Chamber of Advocates within the Law Courts in Valletta.

The talk ‘Law, Justice and the Muses – A Maltese Perspective’ is part of a series of talks, lectures and presentations hosted by the Malta Law Academy, the educational arm of the Malta Chamber of Advocates.

“The aim of this presentation is to help one understand the deeper meaning of law and justice through the relation there exists between the muses from Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythology such as poetry, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture and music and Malta’s Euro-Mediterranean, Anglo-Saxon, and specifically Maltese legal roots,” says Mr Justice Meli.

“Obviously, this is a very subjective analysis and one might just as easily have other ideas to propose as nothing is written in stone.

“This analysis is therefore, just one particular attempt at perceiving these phenomena. Hopefully, it might serve to contribute to a better understanding of our legal roots and, to help orient us for the future,” he added.

The aim of the Chamber of Advocates is not only to strengthen the legal profession but to also be more present by offering and contributing opportunities for more knowledge which ultimately leads to a better and more informed community.

This goes in line with the Malta Law Academy’s maxim ‘deeper in knowledge, wiser in practice’.

The talk is being held today at the Malta Chamber of Advocates within the Law Courts in Valletta between noon and 1pm. All those wishing to attend are invited to register their attendance with the Chamber by calling on 2124 8601, 7724 8601 or by e-mail on

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